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Created for Mamas by a Mama!

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' As a Personal Trainer and someone who understands the physical and mental benefits of staying active during pregnancy, I was disheartened when I couldn’t find anything that looked good, helped celebrate my growing bump and allowed me to retain my confidence! The overpriced pair of see-through leggings and baggy t-shirt just wasn’t it.

Fast forward a few years and I was pregnant again with my second child. Admittedly, the maternity activewear industry had grown but there was still so little choice. I was soon fed up of sizing up in normal gym leggings, only for them to be horribly uncomfortable as my bump grew. It was during this time I thought....I'll create my own and so Bump Activewear was born.

After much research and testing of samples. I worked hard at designing and creating a collection I am passionate about. The Bump Activewear range is stylish, high quality and affordable and our team strive to make every Mama and Mama-to-be feel amazing when wearing our apparel.'



We are ethically conscious and choose the factories that we work with carefully, we also have a very strong relationshipwith them. They are passionate about what they do and so are we. It is very important to us that we only work with ethical factories.

We are also very environmentally conscious, we do not overproduce. Instead we buy small quantities and re-order when there is high demand. That's why our stock is sometimes sold out, but if you email us, we'll let you know when the item is back in stock.

giving back

Here at Bump Activewear, giving back is extremely important to us.

A proportion of our profits are donated to The Women and Children First Charity.

Our approach to ‘Giving Back’ will enable The Women and Children First Charity to achieve their aim to improve the lives of 10,000 women, children and young people and support thousands more to live the lives they choose.

All of this can be accomplished, with your help.

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Here at Bump Activewear we know that motherhood is one of the most rewarding experiences life can bring. However we also recognise that it is not always sunshine and roses and at times things can be difficult. Mama’s all over the world are notorious for being their own harshest critics and always putting others first. We want you to know that you are not alone and encourage you to take some time to remember YOU. !

The team at Bump Active have put together some of our favourite daily affirmations to share with you. ;

I love myself, respect myself and accept myself exactly as I am.

I deserve to be happy and loved.

I am doing my best and it is enough.

I have something special to offer the world.